sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

This ain't no test

Travelling through Aazar's blog, I found one of my abandoned blogs. It felt really strange and astray. That doesn't look like me, since I evolved (like a pokemon) to something pretty different than that.

It was 2008 and by my writting I recall that I was trying to work at a hostel. Back then, I thought it was amazing working at a hotel but as soon as I got the job, I figured out that it wasnt what I imagined. As usual, I imagined a lot of things back then. And as usual again, imagination never fits reality.
A lot of changes happened from 2008 to today. I seriously can't recall most of it since life was crazy a rollercoaster. No regrets. Ok. There are some regrets but, as the optimistics say "the mistakes made us what we are now". So be it.

Lost friends, reconnected to some, got new ones. Made millions of plans, 1% of them were completed. quit poems, smoking and drinking(as in getting drunk, falling from stairs, sleeping in cabs and waking up in God knows where).

What's left?
The best version I've ever seen of myself. Perfect, with all my misperfections.