terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013

No need to read

Lately I've been rediscovering old fixations. listened to placebo, him, even nine inch nails, but this last one I couldn't listen for too long or else I'd cut my wrists in the right direction this time...

The funny thing is that listening to all that so many memories came along... Good and bad.

I had such amazing friends, some still some are gone.
In this month of May, a good friend would be one year older but he's not here anymore.

Even thought he'll never hear about this stupid blog post, I need to go on.

You were one of the greatest people I had to come across.
We had some unfortunate episodes but everything was just alright, cause we had each other.
Even feeding this selfish sentiment inside my heart, that I wanted you to be here, I know that your departure was the best that could happen, specially to you.
Many of my friends won't agree, another fistful is going to think that now I am in fact crazy for saying something like that but...it doesn't matter. I don't care.
I miss you a lot. Everytime I go to McDonald's I search for catchups with our birthdays as validity.
Haven't got any luck so far. Haven't gone there so much also. Guess I finally made it, huh?!
The thing I miss the most is the music blabbering. All the bands you introduced me to, all the ones I tried to introduce you to. You never liked them. Heh
You would be happy to know that your mother got a tattoo! Oh, look at her... She changed so much. You would be proud.
I changed a lot too! I did quit smoking. happy?!
I quit a lot of other things but no need to mention.
I hope we might meet someday, who knows? or not...

I'm taking care.
Thanks for the dawns.